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Glock pistols offer the ideal balance of dependability and precision. Their high-tech innovation and construction result in a pistol that can withstand more harm than even the harshest environments can dish out. When you look at the individual benefits of a Glock, you’ll notice that it outperforms whatever you’re currently shooting.
The fundamental advantage of the Glock “Safe Action” system is that it does not have any external safety features. As a result, the user may fully concentrate on the tactical tasks at hand when in a tense scenario, without having to worry about deactivating any safety features.

nDLC finish for barrel and slide
GLOCK‘s nDLC provides tougher, more durable protection than previously used finish. The nDLC finish is exclusive to the GLOCK manufacturing process. The nDLC finish increases protection against corrosion and scratching and improves the ability of the pistol to function in degreased or adverse conditions. The nDLC finish will be exclusive to Gen5 pistols at this time. GLOCK 17 GEN 5, Cheap Glock for Sale, Buy Gun Online, Gun For Sale.